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December 12 2011

I can do that as well.
if this would be any cuter, my eyes would fall down and my heart would explode into million tiny pieces of cuteness.
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December 11 2011

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December 09 2011

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omg. a facial expression!
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Oasis ♥
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Cosmos edited for Rednecks
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beautiful. The colors are just perfect. 

December 07 2011

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Sind Currygitter-Störzonen im Haus verantwortlich für eine gesalzene Heizkostennachzahlung?

Geopathologen sprechen von einem Currygitter und meinen damit die gleichmäßig gerasterten Linien eines Netzes von Feldlinien (Erdstrahlen), welches den Globus umgibt. Wenn Dir Dein Energieversorger aufgrund der Curryzonen eine gesalzene Heizkostenabrechnung übersendet, solltest Du mit einer gepfefferten Antwort kontern.

Esoterische Sprechstunde (Störzonen)
(Sheng Fui)
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may I introduce you to all of my cats?
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yeh, now it
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Sleepless nights.

the bells of the church were ringing 1 o’clock. A weird feeling touches my heart and brings my mind back to the real life. The day was over a couple hours ago. But I am still siting here, in front of my notebook, and I am still writing those silly things into the small keyboard. I hear the single keys loudly. But I don’t mind. It would have bothered me on other days. But not today.
I hear some cows with their little bells outside. They are still awake too. But they don’t have to get up in about five hours. I am used to sleep eight hours a day. Unfortunately I had just a few hours to sleep every single day in the past week. I think something is bothering me, and keeping me away from sleeping. I still did not figure out what it is.
A friend, who is still awake, writes me over Facebook. He tells me about some problems he has with his parents. I really do not care. I wrote him some advices he might think are helpful. After I explained him, that I finally want to go to sleep, I went offline.
Sleeping. Aw, how I would love to do that right now. But I am just laying in my bed. Thinking about life.

The bells of the church were ringing 2 o’clock. Still awake. If I will fall asleep soon, I will thank to every god I actually don’t belive in. I go back to my Notebook. The guy, to which I wrote before, is still online. He says that he is on holiday and he doesn’t need to sleep. “I have a hole day of doing nothing in front of me. I don’t need sleep” huh, I wish I could say that too. I have to work tomorrow. I need to be awake the hole day. This will be hard. I went to the kitchen and get myself a cup of warm tea. I layed in to my bed and waited.

The bells of the church were ringing 3 o’clock. A fly annoyed me. I usually don’t kill flies. But this one annoyed me so much that I just hit her with my hand. I was kinda sad after that.
Sleeping? No. My hope was gone. Why should I just try it? If I fall asleep now, I just had about two and a half hours of sleep. I stood up, searched my remote and turned on the TV. Lots of half naked girls showed up. I zapped thought the hole program. At the end, finally I found an acceptable series. It was very funny. It felt like my tierdness was gone.

The bells of the church were ringing 4 o’clock. The urge to sleep was back. Stronger than ever before. I watched the end of the episode and went back to my bed. I fell asleep for about ten minutes. My phone woke me up. Very angry I looked at it and I saw that my friend sent me a message: “Finally sleeping, arent ya?”. I wrote a three site long text about “Why shouldn't you send me message at 4 in the morning.” I will have to apologize for this later.

The bells of the church were ringing 5 o’clock. Still angry, I took my iPod Touch and played, which irony, a party of Angry Birds. This made me just more angry. So I played Tic Tac Toe.

The alarm-clock rings 6.15 am. I woke up. I really fell asleep a few minutes before. And I felt awful. I went to work. And after I got home, I was not ready to sleep. So I cooked dinner, watched TV, and layed into my bed. And as the bells of the church were ringing 1 o’clock, I knew: Something was wrong.

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